Atelier Confetti

The “atelier” is inspired by the explosive and colorful image of "confetti" to offer you architectural and design services that combine rigor, creativity and fun. We put ourselves at your service to carry out your projects, according to your budget, scale and location, by using our technical knowledge, our experience and creativity. We choose to draw spaces that are both simple and aesthetic, but above all generous.

It is important for us to create places that fit you and your personality. We start each project with a detailed analysis of the location, its context but especially the needs and lifestyles of future users.

Atelier Confetti handles projects of various scales and purposes: apartment, office renovations, scenography, extensions and elevations of houses. Each project is conceived individually and represents a  unique challenge that the workshop endeavors to meet with excellence.

Press :

Atrium, patrimoine et restauration (June 2020)

Workplace magazine (June 2020)

Chroniques d'architecture (June 2020)

Achitectures Cree (July 2020)


Rebecca obtained her HMONP accreditation at the Paris School of Malaquais after graduating from the Paris Special School of Architecture in 2011 and from the Columbia University MSAAD Master Program in New York in 2013.

These professional experiences included large-scale projects such as the construction of a Manhattan hotel, a large complex of houses, offices and restaurants in London Borough of Hackney, as well as the completion of several London city urban plans. Following these experiences, Rebecca realized that what excites her the most is the human and social dimension of the architecture, specifically meeting precise and individual needs. This led to the creation of "Atelier Confetti" in 2017.


Rebecca Levy

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